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Mixed 2 has tough start away to Bingham 5

St Giles Mixed 2 team came up against strong Bingham 5 in their season opening match on Weds night, ultimately losing 6-3 after some hard-fought (and close) games.

Jon & Doreen led from the front, putting in an impressive display, and came close to snatching a rubber on several occasions. Had their games come in a different order I’m certain they would have profited.

Alex & Kate (stepping in for Janice) didn’t let a relative lack of previous playing time together get in their way. They were on fire on the night, taking two rubbers for team St G and coming really close to nabbing all 3.

Neil & Grace seemed to spend the first couple of rubbers figuring out each other’s games, before throwing clever tactics out of the window and opting instead just to ‘smash away’ in their final rubber. Fair to say they were pleased to end the night with a win, but disappointed things didn’t click sooner so the overall result might have been closer for the team.

All in all, plenty of positives to take forward into the season and the team’s next match against Rushcliffe Arena on 9th November. All supporters very welcome – especially if they bring cake!

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Chairmans Report

Another excellent year for team St G has seen our 1st Mixed & 1st Ladies teams promoted,  a huge thanks go to all the members and committee for all their hard work for without them we wouldnt be able to enjoy these sucess’s.

It is that time of year again where we look too our members for their assistance in helping to run our wonderful club, its the end of the run for our club and match secreteries all of which have done a fantastic job in organising both the running of the club, matches and match practice on a club night, my personal thanks goes to them all for an outstanding effort. New faces are always welcome on the committee and to share the responsability of the running of the club has its own rewards too, along with an oppurtunity for members to enhance the experience as we all have our own ideas on how things should run and this is your chance to contribute.

Our current committee members have been in position for a long time and have done an amazing job, big boots to fill I know! but we all deserve a rest and although they continue to offer their time willing volunteers would be very pleasing to see.

All the teams have done brilliantly this season and continue to build on previous years success’s, my personal favourite has been watching our new 4th mens team develop with our new members gain valuable experience and improve during the last few months. Its been a fabulous 12 months for new members coming into the club and enhance our teams, a big thanks has to go to Grace who I believe has represtend St G in the most teams in a single season! As in previous years reports I have singled out members who I think have done especially well, this year its been particularly hard as the new members have all done really well and excelled but for me and without being overly biased I have to single out Nat. From the comments I have received from members at the matches I havent been able to attend and the fantastic efforts in representing our 2nd mens team and securing their first ever rubber in that league along with Alex Manterfield, I think your improvement has been outstanding and I know it will be this year when you start beating your old man on a regular basis, well done son.

Special mention should also go to Kev Cuthbert who has represented our county Masters team this year which demonstrates the quality we have in the club and provides an excellent advertisement of our club being able to boast having members playing at this level and along with myself having also had the honour it further endourses what my aim has been to get St Giles amongst the elite of Nottinghamshire badminton.

A big thanks goes to Ellie Travers for the commitment she has shown to us in attending all our 1st mixed matches making special trips back from Uni, helping us to reach the dizzy heights of Division 1 badminton.

Items for further discussion are how we wish to progress, additional club nights, coaching, club shirts are just a few which I can think of, these all require continued support from our committee and members, I look forward to hearing your views tonight.

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1st Men

The season has now finished for our first men’s team with a hard battle completed in the depths of Kirkby in Ashfield the final fixture against what we expect to be the the league winners.

A personal disappointing end to my season resulted in Alex and I only managing to take one rubber in our first attempt of the night, the lighting getting the better of me, Alex as ever covering superbly well on court. An overall 6-3 loss with team Steve taking two, an excellent effort with Mango & Jon battling hard without success.

Our previous two fixtures were a lot better, two wins from two, first taking on Naseeb away with the usual vocal support adding a little spice to the night! Team Steve taking all three rubbers and settling a score from our last visit there, Alex and I matching our first pairs effort with Mango & Jon defeating their third pair and affectively winning the match for St G.

The middle fixture of our last three was Long Eaton & West Bridgeford, a match which we were unsure how wed fair as they have dominating the leagues up to this year. Happily it was a home win but with not everything going as expected, an early setback with Team Steve losing their first rubber, balanced out with Alex & I taking our first of what ended up being an unbeaten performance with a battling third defeating their first pair and a comfortable win against their third after making hard work of the final game. Team Steve recovering to take their next two rubbers and a match looking like it would go down to game nine to decide the result…………UNTIL! Mango & Jon destroyed their first pair…………IN TWO!!!! BOOMMMMMMMMMM best result of the season in my opinion and an excellent team performance.

Overall a good season with our status once again maintained which I am delighted about, especially after our first two matches had ended in defeat. A welcome return to the team for Steve W helped steady the ship and bring home the results required. Id like to thank everyone who has represented our team this year, a fantastic effort with the guarantee of Div 2 badminton for next season.

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Mixed 1 make it 4 wins from 4!

On the Rocky Road towards Div 1 promotion St Giles’ Mixed 1 team made it four wins from four games with a close, but comfortable, 6-3 win over Notts Vets at Chilwell on Sunday night. Word must be getting round about the team’s title charge, as they (or the opportunity to sit on the bench and eat Oranges and flapjack!) had tempted Denise, Stuart, Laura, Jo, Dean and Charlie down to watch on a chilly night.

Neil and (mostly) Ellie set the tone for the evening by taking a ‘perfect three’ without dropping a game. No mean feat considering they haven’t been on court together for about 2 months, and despite their final opponents’ best efforts to introduce a bit of needle into the game.

Gray and Steffi got off to a slow start and couldn’t make an impression in either of their first two rubbers, despite coming very close in the second one and looking like they were set to take it in the third game. They did, however, make the match safe by winning their third rubber of the evening with two convincing 21-12 victories to put them in a better mood!

Steve and Katie were undoubtedly the team’s battlers on the night, recovering in their second rubber to win it ‘in three’, after winning their first with the minimum of fuss. They were unlucky not to take all three on the night – narrowly losing to the Vets 1st pair, and continuing to improve their understanding on court as the season progresses.

All in all a great win, that was only improved for Ellie when she found a pair of Monsters Inc sunglasses in the matchbox which nicely matched her nails! The team’s final two matches are in March and fingers crossed for 2 more wins!

Ellie Sunnies

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Mens 1 (7) v East Leake 1 (2)

With results not going the way of the mighty St G in our first two fixtures, this season is having a very different feel about it for our chaps!

So, two played, two lost, now is the time! Having, for the first time this season, the team which achieved so much last year, it was going to be our best chance of delivering the results which we feel we should be for our great club. It was a welcome return of team Steve, after a late start to the season our go go go gadget arms Mr Wilks! took his position alongside the whippet Steve B and started the season together for the first time continuing there fabolous efforts bringing home an unbeaten three rubbers as pair No1. The power and the pace of their play was far too good for the visitors and they never looked in danger of conceding anything. Our second pair not to be outdone of Alex & I matched team Steves three rubbers but dropped a game against there first pair, my service not quite recovering from recent events took a pounding but Alex stood strong to see us home and as ever was my very own Billy Whiz around court. Pair 3, aka land of the giants added their names to the win column with a comfortable first rubber and were unlucky not to take another, taking at least one of the rubbers to three (apologies, really must complete these reports sooner after the match!) Mango developing a very familiar voice on court to that of his mixed partner, harassing Jon, the wall! around the court! there game play as consistent as ever, Mango having to swap rackets mid match after busting a string the only casualty of the night.

Thanks goes to daddy Barber who took up the cheerleading for the night alongside Geordie delivering there usual direction from behind the pom poms!

Next up, away days at Naseeb, with a score to settle from two seasons ago it should be an interesting night.

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Kimberley (2) v Mixed 4 (7)

Our mixed 4 team took to the courts at Kimberley with a mixture of experience and youth providing a winning blend on a night when court space was at a premium, two matches being played together!

Pairings for the night were, Ally & Nat, Sarah & Josh, Janice & Alex G as with this team from its inception we attempt to play as many players as possible whilst still maintaining a competitive team, this as far as I’m aware was Alex first experience of mixed league badminton and a pairing with the long awaited return of Janice really made this a strong partnership. Add this to the developing pair of Nat & Ally with an untried pairing of Sarah & Josh we had the basis of a strong team and it certainly turned out to be a good night for the latter, on a night where nerves got the better of some of our younger players our third pair took all three and anchored what in the end was a comfortable victory. After losing the opening two rubbers in two games each it looked as it would be a tough night, until our third pair took to the courts that is! taking there rubber in two and not looking back all night, improving with each rubber. After early setbacks our first and second pairs gathered themselves and took all their remaining rubbers, Alex and Janice ensuring a nervous finish in the eighth rubber eventually winning 16-21, 21-17, 20-22.

Overall it was a fine display from this team, all three men have varying amounts of experience at league matches and performed exceptionally well after some early disappointments, our ladies providing the stability and exceptional play on court to guide our novices through the match, a really welcome return of Janice to matches which we all hope won’t be a one off and look forward to seeing you playing in our other teams for the rest of the season.

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University 3 (6) v Mens 1 (3)

The opposition of the moment, Nottingham University were once again to take on the mighty St G, third different venue, this time at the old favorite of university park, loving the lights boys!!!!!!! In attendance also were the ladies as this was a double header against the students.

With a new pairing of Steve W & Kev C (Really good to have you back Steve) waiting in the wings it was Alex & I and Neil & Steve B who took to the courts first on what was to be an interesting nights badminton! Starting as second pair Neil & Steve B continued their strong performances on court but sadly were frustrated to not take a rubber, two games on the night and very close finishes denying them a victory they deserve. First pair for the night Alex and I toiled hard and made hard work of taking our rubbers on the night, all going to three and in bizarre circumstances, coming back from one game down in the first and not finishing the games off in the next rubbers after taking the initial games. I personally lost my cool on a number of occasions with interesting tactics employed by one particular pair who felt it necessary to constantly wash their shoes at the side of court, coincidental to critical points in each game, I think not! (rant over!) The return to competitive badminton for Steve W gave us the opportunity to try a new pairing with Kev C, for a first outing it was a positive display and as with our second pair they were unlucky not to take something       , the results will come Im sure given time for each pairing to bed down.

Our Ladies as a side note didn’t fare any better than the men, Katie and Ally taking our only rubber with our other pairs going close in many of the games but sadly not managing to secure more scores on the doors.

A big thanks to the ever present Daddy Barber, it’s really good to have your support at these games and point out the error of our ways!!!!! lol joined on the night with a visit from Charlie en route home and Dean and Jo putting up with the cold floor, Dean deciding to join the party once discovering the girls would be joining us at the bar post match, the boy is easily persuaded!!!! lol

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Mixed 2 (3) v Notts Uni (6)

Just for a change our opposition was the students of Nottingham University, at this rate it will feel as if we are fostering them with the games so far and the ones to come (two on Friday!)

On this occasion it was our 2nd mixed team who did battle with the youngsters from down the road, with the ever present fact of the mighty St G not being able to field the same team twice it was no surprise we had a new line up, this time though it wasnt radically different with Yvez returning to his rightful spot.

Partnering Yvez, who decided a four hour warm up in the morning was the best way to prepare (the term addict springs to mind! from one who knows! lol) was Doreen who together made a formidable partnership in our thirds. Playing as our third pair on the night both took to the court full of enthusiasm but sadly the students werent allowing our pair to get the better of them. After battling hard in all three rubbers they were unlucky not to come away without a mark on the home teams scorecard but have plenty of optimism for the rest of the season. Our second pair of Sam & Alex found going equally as hard, at times putting the youth under vasts amounts of pressure but just not finding the edge to get past the coverage and power of the nights opponents, again they were unlucky to come away with a single a rubber on the night. The pair of the evening were our firsts who showed experience can overcome youth, Brenda & Kev C played exceptionally well taking their first and second rubbers and keeping the fight going for St G, time and again they defended brilliantly to create an opportunity to kill off the academics, they fought hard to make it a hat trick on the night against arguably the best lady for the Uni who covered the court really well with power in her punches too made it all to much for our stars of the night.

Well played all and better luck next time, some really strong teams in this division which will prove a good test for us once again.

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Mixed 1 make it a hat-trick of wins

St Giles’ Mixed 1 team kept up their strong start to the season with a formidable 8-1 win against Mapperley Parks’ 2nd team on Thursday night – a win made all the more impressive by the fact Mapperley Park came down from Div 1A last season!

Steve B and Katie led off as first pair, while PC Barber made her way to Nottingham after a late finish policing the mean streets of Leicester. Although they narrowly lost their first rubber in 2 games they both clearly knew they ‘could do better’, because they recovered superbly to find their form and win their remaining 2 rubbers in straight games (including a chastening win to 9 in one game!), and sealed the win for the team in Game 6 on the night. Watching from the sidelines I thought this was a fine performance by this still relatively new pairing, easily their best to-date, and demonstrates Steve and Katie’s growing familiarity on-court.

Neil and Ellie were eager to put their showing in the last mixed 1 match behind them, and were highly motivated to put in a stronger performance in front of the large home crowd (which might have been helped by club night taking place simultaneously!). They didn’t disappoint taking their first two rubbers ‘in two’, then taking their third rubber ‘in-three’ in which they recovered well to win the second two games after leaving their late-charge just a little too late in the first game. Thanks again to Ellie for taking time out from Uni to come and make me look far more ‘pro’ than I actually am – and top marks for returning to Leeds the following morning, THEN heading back to Nottingham for a night out with the St Giles massiv straight afterwards… talk about commitment!!!

Last, but absolutely not least, Graydon and Steffi also took their three rubbers with a powerful showing. They did particularly well to win their first game of the night 28-26 after some long points and nervous moments towards the end. They also took their third rubber of the night to 3 and recovered well from the disappointment of losing the first end 19-21 to finish the night strongly with 21-15 and 21-9 wins. Their performances on the night were particularly impressive given Steffi had dashed straight to Emmanuel School from work in Leicester, but their consistency is something we’ve come to rely on strongly over the last few seasons.

All-in-all, another great showing by our Mixed 1 team, which must see them sitting at or near the top of the league in Div 2A and (whisper it very quietly) firmly on the promotion trail! Thanks to all who came along / took time out from club night to watch the match and well played everyone… Fingers crossed for a similar result in the team’s next match on Feb 2nd!

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